Integrative approaches

An increasing number of counsellors describe themselves as ’integrative’. This means that rather than focussing in one traditional approach, they combine aspects of the different approaches to provide the most effective way of working for each individual client. Each counsellor should be able to explain clearly to you how you they will work together with you and what you can expect. At present we have two integrative counsellors working for R2T, Helen and Steve.

Helen works with you to find your way of being supported. Within this she may utilise elements of NLP, CBT, Focussing, Phenomenology in a broadly person centred approach.

Steve’s practice is informed from his background in psychology and education. This means that he will use techniques and tools from CBT, solution focussed and compassion based therapies to support you in understanding what is going on for you psychoeducationally from a person centred perspective.