We value your feedback. This will be used to improve the service for others.

This allows us to provide overall feedback to individual counsellors.
Each session is 50 - 60 minutes. Did sessions start on time or overrun?
Did you feel you could fully express what you were feeling?
Did your counsellor make you feel fully understood?
Was the counsellor able to provide information to help you better understand yourself? Or were they able to highlight services that you could use?
Did someone contact you within 48 hrs of queries?
Did they inspire you with confidence? Did you feel more at ease with going to therapy?
Did you feel understood? That the service was going to support you with your needs?
Sometimes R2T may suggest further ways to help you after therapy. Such as support groups or peer mentor groups. Were they able to offer this information or find it for you?
As Jersey is a small island and for your anonymity there is no identifying information submitted to us within any of this form.