What does it offer?

Room 2 Talk is a counselling service offered to members, staff and volunteers of Jersey Charities and Non-Profit Organisations.

We have opened because we believe therapy should be a proactive, supporting and empowering service. However, most come to therapy as a last resort because of its expense. That is why to this area, these people … you … we offer our services as you give so much to the public!

Does it really apply to me?

Let us ask you … do you?:

Raise money for a charity?

Pay for a membership to a local charity for example Durrell? Jersey Heritage? Etc

Take part as a parent member or teacher in a Parent Teacher Association?

Play or support as member of a sports club or association? Like The Round Table

Take part in a Youth Club as a member or Youth Worker or Volunteer Youth Worker?

Contribute as a member or volunteer of any non-profit organisation?

If you answered Yes to any of these then you are likely eligible for subsidised counselling with R2T.